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Annual Registration Fee

Our annual registration fee of $35 is due for many of you! This is an annual fee and required for all current students, classes and private lessons. If you have a stored payment on file, please note that this fee will be auto charged. Contact the front desk with any questions.


The following is a schedule for COVID make-up classes:

June 1st-4th:   11am-12pm- beginner and beginner/intermediate 

                      12pm-1pm- intermediate and up

June 15th-18th: 11am-12pm- beginner and beginner/intermediate 

                        12pm-1pm- intermediate and up

July 6th-9th:  11am-12pm- beginner and beginner/intermediate 

                     12pm-1pm- intermediate and up

July 20th - 23rd: 11am-12pm- beginner and beginner/intermediate 

                       12pm-1pm- intermediate and up


That is 16 different options to make-up 9 classes!! We will add in additional opportunities over the summer as the schedule permits. 


In order to keep our class ratios small and in compliance with COVID restrictions, you must schedule your make up‘s with the front desk. A simple email with requested dates will suffice. If there is a particular make-up class that is already full from people scheduling, we will let you know. Please try to get all missed classes due to COVID scheduled and out of the way before the end of the summer. Come August, we will start fresh with make ups and class packages.


What if your package ended?

If your class package ended during April or May and you want to continue your class, let us know! We can discuss your options to continue week-by-week or by renewing your package. Signing up for a new class package locks in your monthly rate and reserves your spot in class! 

If your class package ended during April or May and you do not wish to re-commit to a package, but you continued paying while we were closed and would still like your make up classes, you are welcome to sign-up for any of those specific make-up options. 


Private Lessons

A lot of you have been asking if you still have your recurring private spot. The answer is: it depends on which coach you had. If your previous coach is no longer at the gym, then you will need to call and set-up a new private time with the front desk. For everyone else, the answer is yes! I have not taken anyone off of the schedule so unless you cancel(ed) the lesson yourself through Vagaro (our booking site) or the front desk, or your initial end date approaches(ed), your original lesson should still be scheduled as usual. If you need to change any future privates, you can sign in to Vagaro (our booking site) or speak with the front desk. You can access the booking site via the “private lesson” button on our website, or by clicking on a previously received email reminding you of a lesson. Please note that we have a 24 hour cancellation policy on all private lessons. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Drop off and pick up only! 

We are just as anxious as you are for the parking lot to be finished, however we have no control over the matter. At this time, we have to ask you to continue to drop off your athlete and pick up only, to the best of your ability. There is no place to park so please reserve those few spots for people dropping off and picking up. If you need to step inside to speak with the front, you may do so but then please return to your vehicle. As restrictions are lifted and things begin to go back to normal, so will this policy. Until then, we are taking serious safety precautions to ensure that we don’t play a part in another outbreak. 


We are going to make it through this together! 

We can’t thank you guys enough for the support we have received over the past two months. These times have been described as uncertain.. but we are more certain than ever that we have the best families in the world a part of our gym. THANK YOU!!!

Athlete of the Month

The coaches  award one athlete each month as "The Athlete of The Month".

So many of our students give 110% effort every time they are in the gym, and this is one

way we will be able to recognize them. If you are chosen as "The Athlete of The Month",

please see the front desk for your award. 


Open Gym is a time for athletes to practice on their own. It is held on designated Friday nights from 6:00 - 8:30 pm.  Call the front desk to sign-up or for more information.



At Tumble Pro, our coaches offer 30 minute private lessons. Due to limited availability, we have a 24 hour private cancellation policy. All lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be held responsible for payment. This is not a new policy, but with try-out
season in full swing and many athletes on a waiting list for a private lesson, we just wanted to remind everyone. 



For those not on auto draft: Tuition is due by the 5th of each month or a late fee is charged, even if we are closed for a holiday. Contact the front desk to have a payment method stored, or go online and pay through the parent portal on our website. If you have never signed into the parent portal before, your email address will be the same as the one you provided during registration. 


If you have ever been to Tumble Progression and filled out a “new student” packet, then you are already registered on our Parent Portal (located on the Home Page of our website). It allows you to view available classes, request enrollment, pay your bill, make changes to your account, and more!

As a first-time user, click the “forgot password” button, type in the email address you provided to us during registration, and submit. A new password will be sent to your email with instructions on how to log-in.