Carlos Florez

Mr. Florez has been a professional cheer coach and tumbling instructor for over 15 years.  He began his career with Twist & Shout in Edmond, Oklahoma in 2002 where he coached teams and individuals, as well as competed in state, national, and world competitions. 
As he progressed, Mr. Florez accelerated his positions with the organization and ultimately managed and trained other coaches, as well as developing and managing the company’s programs and camps.  From 2009 to 2013, Mr. Florez coached individuals at various gyms such as Cheer City United, River City, and Champion Cheer.  Over the years, Carlos has
been given the nickname "The Tumble Whisperer" as he specializes in athletes experiencing "mental blocks".

As a competitor, Carlos is a NCA Collegiate National Champion cheering for Oklahoma State from 2005-2009, a NCA National Champion with Twist & Shout in the college open division in 2009, placed second at NCA with Cheer Athletics' Cheetahs from 2002-2004, as well as won multiple awards cheering for various gyms and colleges including Rose State Junior College, Oklahoma Twisters, Cheer Dynamix, and Time to Cheer All-stars.

Brittany Florez

Mrs. Florez has participated and competed in both gymnastics and cheer for nearly 20 years. Throughout her early education years, Brittany cheered competitively and coached for Champion Cheer Allstars. She also served as captain on her varsity cheerleading squad at Southlake Carroll Senior High School. As a competitor, she achieved top awards and became a Collegiate National Champion for Oklahoma State University, where she maintained a 4.0 GPA while earning a double degree in Apparel Merchandising and Business Administration. This is also where she met her husband Carlos (who also cheered for OSU). Upon graduating from OSU, Brittany worked as an Area Sales Manager for Dillards.  She also served as the company's  Visual Sales Manager, where she was responsible for the overall store presentation, and the training and development of associates and managers. When the Florez family moved back to Texas, they decided to pursue their passion for the cheerleading industry and open up Tumble Pro. Brittany currently serves as an Owner and Operations Manager, is the Head JV Cheerleading Coach for Trinity Christian Academy, and is a mom of three. 

Jovanny Aybar

Jovanny is our amazing stunting coach! We first met Coach Geo at Oklahoma State University, where he cheered on the large coed squad for 4 years and won 3 NCA
Collegiate National Championships! Because of his outstanding repor, he now serves as a stunt advisor for all three OSU cheerleading squads.


As a competitor, Coach Geo has won 1st place at both NCA and World's; the two highest levels of achievement available. He has cheered for multiple prestigious programs including Cheer Athletics (level 6 open coed squad) and Team USA. He is one off the best stunters in the industry as he has even won NCA as a point stunt man (Claw6). As an active member on NCA Staff, we are very proud of the accomplishments Coach Geo continues to make. 

Kennon White

Kennon White began working at Tumble Progression in August, 2015. His extensive cheerleading/tumbling background and energetic personality contribute to his impressive ability to coach. As an athlete, he has cheered for multiple well established gyms including Twist & Shout All-Stars, All Star Legacy, and Cheer Athletics. At the University level, Coach Kenny has cheered for Langston University and the University of Central Oklahoma. He is
a NCA National Champion, and has competed and placed in the top 7 twice at the World's Competition in Orlando, Florida!

As a coach, Kenny has worked all around the United States for gyms including Twist & Shout All-Stars, All Star Legacy in Virginia, and Champion Force in Michigan. He has been a long-time family friend and we are very blessed to have him as one of our primary
tumbling coaches. 

Telleyana White

Telleyana White is our Head Female Instructor and the program leader of our Jump & Stretch classes. Coach Telley specializes in our elementary aged athletes because her energetic spirit allows her to connect very well to our young hearts. Currently, Telley is a student studying to be a Doctor in Pharmacy at Brookhaven College.  


Coach Telley has several years of experience in the cheerleading industry as an athlete
and coach. As an athlete, Telley served as the Captain of her varsity cheerleading squad
at Creekview High School. She then went on to cheer for Xavier University in New Orleans. As a coach, Telley has worked for school programs such as Indian Springs Middle School, and competitive programs such as Tiger Elite All-Stars. She was an athlete in our tumbling program and we are honored to have her on our staff. 

Aaron Whitfield

Aaron Whitfield has been coaching cheerleading & tumbling for over 8 years. He began his career at Braunsburg High School out of Indiana. At the college level, Coach Aaron has cheered for Trinity Valley Community College (TVCC) and Stephen F Austin State University (SFA), both of which have prestigious cheerleading programs that have won multiple NCA titles. He has cheered competitively for Cheer Athletics (Cheetahs and Claw6), and is currently a lead dancer at Kitty Carter's Dance Factory. You may even see Aaron performing at a half-time show for the Dallas Cowboys because he actively works with the Dallas Cowboys Network!

When it comes to private lessons, Coach Aaron does it all! He offers lessons for cheer/dance, motion technique, jumps, and tumbling. He has coached for several known programs including Premiere Cheer, Rogue Athletics, and Stepz All Star Gym and is an active member on NCA Staff. His fun, energetic personality and positive attitude provide a great fit in our staff family. 

Teresa (Reese) Kirkpatrick

Bio to come!

Kristopher Crawford

He is visiting the country from Costa Rica in hopes to lead Cheer Athletics’ level 6 team, Claw 6, to a world title. He has been in the cheerleading industry for over 18 years, winning 2ndplace at NCA’s College Nationals twelve times as a coach, and took home a silver medal at World’s with Costa Rica in 2010 as an athlete. He is an incredible stunter, stunt coach and tumbling coach, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome him into our gym family.